Genetor Taleen

Crew tech-priest


Taleen has personal stats, and can be used off-ship to assist in various tasks if necessary, but she mainly represents the ship’s complement of techpriests. As such, if she dies or is injured, the maintenance and running of the ship will suffer similarly.


The chief techpriest on the ship, Taleen is somewhat unconventional, a Genetor with an enthusiastic nature. When Draven called in a favour owed by the Lathe worlds, Taleen volunteered to be posted to the ship – and the higher-ups certainly didn’t protest.

Despite formally being a Genetor, Taleen is unusual in that she engages with many technological disciplines, even excelling in several. She is probably too curious: attempting to ‘improve’ holy tech is not looked on lightly by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and she has been disciplined multiple times. The untamed reaches of the Koronus Expanse suit her wild (by the standards of the Tech Cult) nature, and keep her away from trouble.

Taleen is in constant motion, and is also very distractable, frequently blurting out some small observation she has just made.

Genetor Taleen

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