House de Cristo

House de Cristo is surely one of the most storied Rogue Trader dynasties to be active in the Koronus Expanse. Founded in the great Age of yyy, the tales of their actions are told in a thousand taverns over ten sectors.

Nearly two hundred years ago, the patriarch of the dynasty at the time, Flavian, Aldaria’s father, found himself called to the Koronus Expanse, having found his fortunes waning and enemies gathering in Scarus Sector. For a short while, the decision seemed well-made, and Flavian managed to earn the dynasty a foothold in the Expanse. However, it seems Flavian’s enemies caught up with him, and he was found poisoned in his quarters on Port Wander. Rumours spread of an Officio Assassinorum contract called on his head – by whom, none know.

The Warrant passed to Aldaria, who easily surpassed her father’s accomplishments, and did more than any rogue trader since Sebastian Winterscale to explore the mysteries of the Koronus Expanse and exploit what she found there.

Six years ago, Aldaria returned from a successful venture into the Expanse, consolidating the dynasty’s operations. Though she celebrated as normal, she seemed distracted, even obsessed, by something she had discovered. Telling no one the reason, even her son Draven, she gathered the full resources available to her into a mighty fleet, and set off once more through the Maw.

It has been five years since Aldaria was sighted traversing the Expanse, and crisis has hit the de Cristo family’s assets. Without the matriarch guiding and protecting operations, rival rogue traders, particularly Aspyce Chorda and Sarvus Trask, sensed weakness and have practically demolished the dynasty’s power.

House de Cristo

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