Missive from Draven

My Son,

Over the past few months I have taken stock of our dynasty’s assets – or what’s left of them. Our family’s fortunes may be at an all time low. Between them, those Emperor-damned scoundrels Sarvus Trask and Aspyce Chorda have seized near all our hard-earned acquisitions. If only it had been possible to respond more quickly! But it has taken this long to purchase and prepare our new flagship.

A fine ship she is too – entire empires have been built with less. With the Emperor’s blessing, and the skill of you and your crew, she may lead our family once more to riches and power. Perhaps, with time, we may also have our revenge against House Trask and House Chorda. For now, though, such an act is beyond our power, and we must bide our time and rebuild.

To that end, I have collated potentially lucrative contracts and rumours that have come to my attention. Pursue any of them as you see fit, as all may lead to greater wealth and fame – though remember well that the Expanse is full of treachery and danger, even to those as competent as your missing grandmother.

I. One of my personal desires is to seek out the fate of our departed matriarch, Aldaria. She left little clue as to where she was headed on her last journey, yet took such a great portion of our fleet, and seemed so driven, that she must have learned of a great prize indeed. If you could follow in her footsteps, and avoid the peril that seems to have befallen her, our dynasty may be propelled to a level of glory unknown in the Expanse! Unfortunately, I know little of where she was headed, as she was very secretive about the whole endeavour. While in the Expanse, you should be aware for any signs of her journey.

II. Next to list is the long-standing open contract from the Calixian Scholastica Psykana regarding the fate of Installation 2819-Rho on the Witch-Cursed World. Normally, I would never suggest to approach that dread planet, but in our current circumstances, the chance of so quickly earning the favour of such a powerful organization may be too tempting to pass up. The choice, as in all things, remains yours.

III. I have heard that the Kasballica Mission are operating excavations on Edaria Omega, and have had problems finding reliable partners for the venture. The operations have been beset by delays and failures at all points, and I’m sure you could convince them that you are most suited to assist. If you could travel to the Edarian Dominion and solve the problems plaguing the excavations, you may gain an ally in the Kasballica Mission. Remember, of course, the group’s activities are not strictly legal.

IV. One of my scouts, returning from an information-gathering mission in the Expanse, picked up a Salvation Beacon signal from the raider Forsaken Bounty in the Battleground. If you can bear the bureaucracy, it may be worth your while to petition for a Writ of Claim from the local Administratum offices.

Finally, remember that in the Expanse no one is your master. Spread the Emperor’s light, crush those who oppose you, honour your word and return our dynasty to its true glory!

Your servant,


Missive from Draven

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