Regions of the Expanse

Winterscale’s Realm – Probably the best explored region of the Koronus expanse, there is still much to discover and exploit in these rich stars. Tales of the fortunes that have been made here and its proximity to the Koronus Passage make it an irresistible draw in the Expanse.

  • Notable systems include: Burnscour, a venomous and fecund death world; the Egarian Dominion, the abandoned remnants of of lost xeno civilization; the Serpent’s Cradle, a mysteriously orderly binary system, rumoured to be home to untold paradises; Lucin’s Breath, a hellish frozen mining planet.

The Ragged Worlds – A relatively small region considered by most rogue traders to be of paltry worth and beneath their notice. Nevertheless, there is potential profit here for a canny trader.

The Foundling Worlds – A region wracked by warp storms and near impossible to navigate to without an accurate chart. Voidfarers tell tales of the cursed worlds, ghostly occurrences, and strange stellar phenomena to be found in this area.

The Accursed Demesne – A violent and corrupted region, vast and shunned by the majority of rogue traders, the Accursed Domain is sometimes said to be the source of all evil and calamity in the Expanse.

  • Notable systems include: Lathimon’s Death, a baleful tomb world; the Processional of the Damned, vast and chaotic ship graveyard; ’Undred ’Undred Teef, centre of the growing Ork threat.

The Heathen Stars – A region colonized by humans in ages long past, the settlements in this region know nothing of the glory of the God-Emperor, and may be the remnants of a pre-Imperial civilization.

The Unbeholden Reaches – This distant region has barely been explored except by the Explorator fleets of the Disciples of Thule. Little is known of the systems of this region beyond rumours of the dark technology of dead xenos.

The Rifts of Hecaton – In the darkest depths of the Koronus Expanse lie the dread Rifts. None who have entered there have returned, though in its shadow are some few worlds of myth and prophecy.

Regions of the Expanse

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